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Memorial Lights

The Belgrade Festival of Lights is honored to help our community remember their loved ones through our Memorial Lights program. 

With their friends and family, we honor the following loved ones who are now angels watching over us during the holiday season and throughout the year.


In Memory Of:

Albert F. Kellie & Velma E. Kellie

Ann C. Kennedy

Ann Guenther

Bill Batchelder

Bob Morefield

Brian Riggs

Carolyn Gaub

Clifford Dunn

Cory Wendt

David Blaylock

David Guenther

Esther Piatz

Ferd and Lydia Reller

Frank Guenther

Jerry Reller

Jim Weaver

John Tollefson

Joseph Menicucci Sr.

Kenny Anderson
Kristen D. Llamas

Larry Mason

Larry Oddy

Laurie O'Brien

Leon Feddes

Leslie Morin

Marvin, Sr. & Mae Donahue

Mary Reller

Patrick Rassley

Patrick Rassley

Ray Batey

Raymond and Pauline Fagnan

Tickie Davis and Russell Davis

Tina Caracciolo

Victor and Violet Wendt

Wyatt Smith

Zachary Reller

Honored By:

The Kellie and Chapman Families

Family and Friends

The Guenther Family

Frances Batchelder

Barb, Tricia, & Tyler

Mom & Dad, Jason, Kendra, & Cody

Dennis, Julian, and Mariah

The Dunn Family

The Vasarella Family

Gregory Blaylock

The Guenther Family

The Donaldson, Piatz, and Thomas Families

Dee Feddes

The Guenther Family

Dee Feddes

Frances Batchelder

Anne and Dan Theisen

Kris, Joe, and Penny

Zach, Brantley, Kipton Anderson

Tupper-Wheeler Family

Sandy, Sheila, and Peggy Mason

The Oddy, Handsaker, and Kuntz Families

The Milam Family

Dee Feddes

The Batey Family

Marvin, Jr. and Mary Jo Donahue

Dee Feddes

Michael and Tracy Rassley

Tim and Jennifer Anderson

The Batey Family

The Vasarella Family

Amy Davis Breider Family

The Vasarella Family

Austin, Brittany, & Trapper Smith

Dee Feddes

Honor your loved one during the 2020 holiday season by purchasing a string of lights in their name by clicking here.

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