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Belgrade is a fast-growing community and is often viewed as an extension of Bozeman. Having a recreation department and associated Aquatics and Recreation Center will help solidify our unique community identity. This facility will act as a community hub serving families, youth swim teams, water sport recreationalists, adults, seniors needing water rehabilitation, and more.

  • Who will the Belgrade Parks, Trails, and Recreation District benefit?
    The district will be beneficial to all who live in the surrounding area; however, those living within the district boundaries will receive discounted rates at recreational facilities as well as improved parks and trails close to home.
  • If the district passes, what benefits will it bring to Belgrade and the Gallatin Valley?
    Upon voter approval, the district will begin assessing the need for maintenance and improvement to undeveloped and underdeveloped dedicated parks within the district. The district plans to upgrade and expand the trail system and move forward with plans for a recreational facility which includes an Aquatic Center.
  • Does the City of Belgrade currently have a parks assessment/levy?
    No, the City of Belgrade does not currently and has never assessed a levy dedicated to parks. The City does not currently have a parks or recreation department. The parks within the City of Belgrade are funded by the General Fund and maintained by our Street Crews.
  • Who will oversee the district?
    A Governing Board consisting of representatives from both residents within the City of Belgrade and the district boundaries outside the city limits will oversee the district. Each year's budget will also require approval from the Belgrade City Council and the Gallatin County Commission.
  • I live outside the City of Belgrade and pay HOA fees to support our parks. Will this replace that fee and will the district be taking over the HOA parks?
    The District, if passed, will not take over any HOA parks (I.E. River Rock, and Landmark) and any fees collected by an HOA for parks and trails they maintain will continue at the discretion of each HOA.
  • Is the District required for the Aquatics and Recreation Center?
    Yes, the District is the entity that would "carry" the Aquatics and Recreation Center bond. Without the District, even if the Bond measure passes, there would be no Aquatics and Recreation Center.
  • How much will the establishment of the new district cost the taxpayers?
    The cost for each taxpayer to establish and fund a new Parks, Trails, and Recreation district will be based on the assessed market value of their property. The current average household cost will increase by approximately $27 annually for every $100,000 of assessed market value. This special assessment, year one, is set to generate $1,500,000 in revenue to offset the district expenses and Aquatics and Recreation Center operations costs.
  • Where can I find the assessed market value of my property?
    This information is available on the annual tax bill mailed by the county. It can also be found here on the county website.
  • When is the election and how do I vote?
    The election is on May 2, 2023. You can register to vote by going to the Elections Department at the Gallatin County Courthouse at 311 W Main Street in Bozeman, or go to their website for more information. Ballots will be mailed out on April 14th and may be returned by mail or dropped off at Belgrade City Hall (91 E Central Ave) or other approved drop-off sites in the county.
  • If the aquatics center passes, but the district fails will we still get the pool?
    No, the District must pass in order to procure the Aquatic and Recreation Bond
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